Real Testimonials


Michaelene-B Says:

Debbie is an amazing coach and cheerleader. Her daily emails and weekly calls inspired me to want to make the correct choices when eating food. I have personally been able to lose 13 pounds within 5 weeks thanks to Debbie. Being an out of state client has not deterred me from reaching my goal. She is always a text, call or email away! Her zest for life and passion for eating healthy is obvious in her work. In person or remotely, I highly recommend Debbie!!!!


Lauren-B Says:
Debbie is AWESOME!!! Super patient and understanding! Definitely makes you rethink what you eat and how you eat! You don't have to give up everything but everything in moderation and there are plenty alternatives that you have no idea existed! She worked with me so that I didn't feel like it was a punishment which makes it easier to stick with in the long run! Great experience and definitely still using the tools today! 


Sheri & Jerry-H Said:

My husband and I have done the seven session series and it was a very wonderful learning experience.  To date I've dropped 64 pounds, and my husband Jerry lost 70!  We are both eating a lot better and enjoying life very much. Thanks Debbie!


AL-R Says:

"Debbie is a nutrition counselor, wellness expert, and health coach who specializes in whole foods, plant based nutrition. Based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, Healthy Heartbeats grew out of Debbie's desire for a healthier lifestyle, Heart Smart Nutritional Choices and overall wellness. Debbie helps her clients improve their health, achieve their goals and replace old, unhealthy habits with new healthier ones to improve their quality of life, nutrition & wellness in Fountain Hills. 

I am a heart patient, and have been for five years.  The first year following my surgery, I wasn't able to make much progress toward a healthier lifestyle despite several dietary and lifestyle changes. By following Debbie's advice, I was able to improve my blood chemistry and vital signs dramatically, which left my doctors scratching their heads and with no choice but to remove me from some of my medications!  I'm convinced that Debbie helped save my life!

She is extremely passionate about the science of health & nutrition. Driven by her own intellectual curiosity, and desire to improve her health and the health of her loved ones, she studied the latest research, evaluated the newest trends and reads everything health & nutrition related. She uses the knowledge she compiles to make individualized recommendations for her clients.  

Debbie specializes in whole foods, but believes that real, natural ingredients if prepared properly, can result in a healthy, clean diet too.  She loves creating (and sharing) easy to prepare, tasty, clean, nutrient-dense recipes. Her dishes are suitable for people of all ages and those with special nutritional needs as well.  Debbie and Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats are very highly recommended by my family and me".


John-F Says:

"Thanks to Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats my health had a life changing event a little over a year ago. For several years, I was on a statin drug for high cholesterol without experiencing any side effects. I considered myself in good health but about 20 lbs. overweight. I exercised regularly but started feeling a little bit off. I figured it was something that comes with getting older.

Then in summer of 2015 at age 62, I started having brain fog, muscle pain, extreme fatigue. I felt awful in the mornings and gradually improved by evening. I began suspecting my statin medication was causing these issues. I stopped taking my statin and after a few days the worst symptoms were gone. I reviewed this with my doctor and he suggested I stay off the statin drugs and loose about 15-20 lbs. and come back in a year for a cholesterol check. I didn’t have a clear plan for my diet, so I ate a little less meat, smaller portions, and exercised more. My results, I gained weight and my cholesterol increased to 283. My doctor had me try another statin drug and the side effects returned. I stopped taking the new statin drug and I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do. 

Enter Debbie Romano the founder of Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats. She started me on a plant based, whole foods eating plan. I drastically cut my meat intake and pretty much eliminated dairy. I loaded up on fresh vegetables, greens, nuts, fruit, whole grain, etc. I ate as much of these whole foods items that I wanted and dropped 20 lbs. in 4-5 months without counting calories and dieting. After 6 months, my cholesterol dropped from 283 to 213 without the statin drug. I continue to feel so much better it’s like I went back in time 20 years! The interesting thing is I stopped craving fast foods, ice cream, and meat, but craved the whole foods that now taste so much better than the high animal fat food. I highly recommend Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats.

Debbie is a wonderful person who truly cares about your health.  She has a plan and the knowledge to help make your body work the way it's supposed to, and make you whole and well again."