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Healthy Heartbeats was founded with well-being as our foremost priority—your well-being! Under my guidance, you’re on the path to embracing a healthier lifestyle, one marked by a continual exploration of the myriad healthful options you may not have previously encountered.

By adhering to the insights and recommendations shared within this course, you have the potential to achieve success by adopting fresh, health-conscious habits that will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

We applaud your decision to embark on a journey that has the power to transform your health for the better!

Who is this course for?

This training is for anyone interested in learning the foundations of healthy eating, and why specific dietary decisions can create varying effects on our physical and mental health. Students will learn how to add the healing benefits of “clean eating” to their lives, allowing them to gain valuable insights into how to support their own health and well-being. This training can also enhance the offerings of psychotherapists, school teachers, parents, business leaders, healthcare professionals, and more!

Are there any prerequisites for this training?

No, this training is open to everyone!

How long will it take to complete this course?

The program can be completed at your own pace. Because the program functions best when you have time to integrate the information into your life, there is no deadline for completion.

Will the sessions be interactive?

Yes! Debbie’s group also has an active Facebook community where you can ask questions. She offers open forums quarterly where all students and graduates have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions. There is a wonderful post-graduate program, the Healthy Heartbeats Teleconference Program, which is open to all Healthy Heartbeats graduates and allows them to join teleconferences with Debbie, where she reviews actual client cases and answers your questions live.

Should I take this course if I’ve completed in-person sessions?

This online course is an excellent opportunity to review! While the information we will cover is the same as your previous training, you will be listening with “informed ears” this time. Past graduates who have retaken the course say they hear the teachings differently, finding even greater clarity the second and third time around.

Are the books on the reading list included? If not, where can I find them?

The books on the reading list are only recommended reading and are not included in the course. They can be found on Amazon and other major online booksellers, in most libraries, and in some local bookstores.

What is the required reading material?

Participants will not be required to do any additional reading, however; the printed materials will be available for download following the purchase of the program and are highly recommended! These materials are provided as a study aid and supplement to the video content.

Is this course only for unhealthy people?

No! While this program is an excellent opportunity for people to regain their health, it is also equally important to anyone who wishes to incorporate Healthy Eating habits into their lives.

How do I access the optional live segments of this program?

After purchasing the program, the links for the live segments will be made available.

Once I’ve taken the program, can I access the sessions again later?

Yes. The entire course, including the recordings of the optional live sessions, will be available in perpetuity to students who purchased the program! You can go back and re-watch or watch for the first time at your convenience.

Welcome to a Healthier You!

Healthy Heartbeats was created with better health in mind. Your health! Taking that first step to improve your eating habits is life-changing. In our course, you’ll be receiving tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle, including:

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Meal Plans
Delicious, Healthy Recipes
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Introduction to Healthy Heartbeats

with Debbie Romano

With my guidance, your journey to a healthy lifestyle can be attained through continually learning about the many healthy choices that are available to you that you might not be aware of. If you can follow the tips that I provide in this course, success can be yours by forming new, healthier habits that could soon become a part of your daily life.

I will guide you on your healthy lifestyle journey by emphasizing the mind-body-spirit aspects of the clean eating lifestyle, and how incorporating these aspects can improve your health. My goal is to help you embrace good healthy nutrition so you can age gracefully, with much more energy, confidence and peace!

My recipes and meal plans will show how this can be accomplished to accommodate any lifestyle. Busy working families, empty nesters, active seniors, and anyone seeking natural, healthy, nutritional advice can benefit from this course! The best part about my program is that it is convenient, flexible, and works around your schedule!

Congratulations on choosing a program that can help you turn your health around!

Congratulations to Healthy Heartbeats!

by Al Romano

I am delighted to announce that the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce has awarded the Annual Health Services Professional of the Year Award for 2024 to Debbie Romano! There is no person more deserving of this prestigious honor than Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Debbie Romano of Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats. This makes her a two-time recipient of the award.

As her husband, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible dedication, preparation, and care that Debbie pours into her work. Her commitment to her clients goes far beyond the hours spent in her office. Her day doesn’t end when her clients leave; it marks the beginning of her unwavering dedication to their well-being.

Debbie’s passion for health and wellness is truly inspiring. She devotes countless hours to researching, studying, and preparing to ensure she provides the highest level of service to her clients. She is not just a health professional; she is a beacon of quality, integrity, and service in our community. Kudos to Debbie for a job well done, and a heartfelt thanks to all her clients, friends, and family who supported her. This achievement couldn’t have happened without your help!

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Debbie’s guidance through informative sessions transformed my health and well-being. Her passion, humor, and practical tips made dietary changes easy, leaving me energized and grateful.



Explore the possibilities!

Deb Romano’s expertise in healthy food choices and label reading is invaluable. Her passion for promoting healthier living through Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats is a must-try!

Judi Pohle


Thank you Debbie for your passion

Debbie’s expertise and encouragement cleared my confusion about healthy eating, helping me achieve my health goals. Her passion and approachability made a difference. Thank you, Debbie!

Tracey Turner


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