Healthy Inspirations Group – December Meeting

This group meets once a month to discuss topics that will help MAINTAIN & SUPPORT a Healthy Lifestyle. Example of Topics for Discussion:

  • Positive Health Improvements (Age Is Just A Number)
  • Sharing Success Stories
  • Clean Eating Benefits – Pre And Post Workouts
  • New Tasty Recipes Provided Each Session
  • Healthier Options To Last A Lifetime
  • Behavioral Changes – Permanent Positive Habits Can Be Made
  • Quality Living Is Attainable
  • Make Your Health A Priority
  • Raffle At The End Of Each Session
  • There Will Be A Surprise Guest Vendor At End Of Each Session

Seating is limited, so be sure to book your ticket in advance for the desired date you wish to attend. NOTE: Participation In This Group Is Limited To Clients (Past & Present)