In Person Or Zoom 7 Session Package

In This 7 Session Package…

I explain the ‘easy to understand’ benefits of clean eating and how nutritional changes can happen, and healthy habits develop.

We live in an environment that makes healthy choices increasingly difficult. Having a nutritional consultant, or as I like to refer to myself: “A Personal Trainer in Healthy Nutrition” can be incredibly helpful. Receiving healthy nutritional knowledge makes options and choices easy.  With my course you will learn to:

  • Keep a healthy and happy balance. The key is not to demand perfection, but simply placing resistance in the path of unhealthy triggers. For example, no junk food allowed in the house. Don’t let perfection get in the way of your greatness!
  • Jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle, including an initial nutritional assessment, current level of motivation and client accountability.
  • A hands-on approach (actually doing something rather than learning about it from books) to help guide clients through 7 weeks of healthy nutrition. These 7 weeks will consist of a majority whole food plant based eating.
  • Clients will strive for: 100% Whole grain or Gluten Free foods when eating from packages such as bread, grains, pasta, etc.; Add more leafy greens to daily meals; Increase daily consumption of fruits and Increase hydration everyday.
  • Sample Weekly Meal Plans.
  • One session per week guiding behavioral eating changes, incorporating healthy nutrition into daily routine.
  • Assessment Review with Client
  • Touch upon topics such as label reading, being prepared, choices when eating out, healthy alternatives and many more.

This 7 Session Package enables clients to see the wonderful changes in their bodies and reinforces a desire to continue on this journey of improved health. My goal in developing this course is for each client is to realize the impact of healthy nutrition on our mind-body-spirit. I hope they will continue to utilize what they’ve learned in my program for them to reach the full potential of their healthy lifestyle changes.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort, but it is so worth it.


The Course Price IS: $895 for a single client,
or a special discounted couples rate of $995.


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