Clean Eating For Beautiful Skin

Clean Eating For Beautiful Skin

Clean Eating For Beautiful Skin.

Skin benefits from clean eating can be achieved by eating more fruits and veggies along with an increased water intake. These habits are not only beneficial for beautiful looking skin, they are critical to healthy skin. Vitamins and minerals are a perfect and natural way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated allowing it to glow!!!

When looking for natural makeup, body lotions and sunscreen, stay away from listed ingredients such as: phthalates, parabens, xylene, mercury, lead, triclosan.

Look for:

Moisturizer – olive, almond, coconut or natural oils.

Soap – made from plants, water and pure essential oils

Makeup – consult with a professional

Unsure if a product you use is safe?

EWG Is A Very Useful Resource!

Consult Environmental Working Group’s Website: