Individual 7 Session Package


Personalized Individual (1 On 1) 7 Session Package

At Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats, my goal is to help you embrace good healthy nutrition so you can age gracefully, with much more energy, confidence and peace! Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey Now!

Initial Consultation – FREE
Your FREE personal consultation with me will assist in determining your current nutritional profile, food choices and general state of health. A personal nutritional assessment is included as part of the consultation, and is discussed when completed.

Session #1: Clean Nutrition 101
I explain the basic ‘easy to understand’ benefits of clean eating. I utilize the basic principles of Speaking, Writing, Visual and Repetition to begin your education on label reading, pantry staples, simple meal plans, inflammation, being prepared, and more. I demonstrate how nutritional cognitive behavioral changes can happen, and healthy sustainable habits develop.

Session #2: Benefits of Clean Eating to your cardiovascular/circulatory system.
My presentations demonstrate the importance of fruits, vegetables and clean eating and how they can help lower chronic inflammation symptoms naturally.

Session #3: Sugar
Natural vs. Refined Sugars- See how added processed sugars are found in almost all packaged goods. Learn to fall in love with fruit again!

Session #4: Fiber and Hydration
Clean Out Toxins Naturally – I’ll teach you how plants and water act as Mother Nature’s internal scrub brush, with a weight loss bonus.

Session #5: Plant Protein
Plant Protein works along with strength training and a whole food plant based diet to provide the added bonus of faster exercise recovery. Let me show you how!

Session #6: On/Off Switch
Learn how to keep chronic symptoms (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight, high blood sugar) away by using your newly learned nutrition facts to become more aware and make informed choices regarding food.

Session #7: Maintenance To Sustain Your New Healthy Lifestyle.
I will guide you to embrace whole health with your new knowledge and positive habits to work toward a better life by establishing a personal maintenance program.

*Each Weekly Session is 1 Hour In Length.

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