A Healthier Way To Sauté

January 23 Healthy Tip of the Month #1

A Healthier Way to Sauté


Most Americans use way more cooking oil than necessary when sautéing their veggies.
Save that oil for a drizzle on a finished meal or roasting.

Healthy Tip

Try sautéing using vegetable broth…yes, I said vegetable broth! Oil and fat products are one of the highest in calories per serving, packing 120 calories in 1 Tbsp olive oil.  Vegetable broth accomplishes the same thing while adding veggie flavor and far fewer calories.

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It’s Vacation Time, So Choose Foods Wisely!

Vacation is the time to be most mindful of what you eat! Choose your food wisely. Your body doesn’t know it’s on vacation! You work so hard at living a healthy lifestyle during the rest of the year, why should a short vacation change your eating habits?

A sudden spike in your cholesterol levels can be deadly if your body hasn’t been accustomed to eating in that fashion for a while. I’m sure you’ve heard that Country Western song that mentions the “99 cent heart attack” in one of the verses – well let me tell you, it’s a real thing!

Instead of opting for that nice juicy steak, hamburger, hot dog or sausage, choose one of those savory seasoned vegetables fresh off the grill. I can state with a reasonable degree of certainty, that there won’t be much competition for the healthy foods at most summer barbeques!

It’s time to start a healthy eating trend! Why don’t we lead by example and change the way our family and friends eat. There’s no time like the present! It’s Vacation Time…Choose Foods Wisely!

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A Healthier Way To Sauté

Debbie Romano (Founder of Healthy Heartbeats) shares a new, healthier way of sautéing your vegetables that will leave you smiling!

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